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Imagined Space from Alexander Salvesen

“In this time of previously unprecedented change and uncertainty of life itself, I find it soothing
to look up at the skies at night. There is something calming to see all the stars that surround us
on this tiny fragile planet. The scale of the stars and the universe around us is totally
incomprehensible to us humans. By looking far into the skies I’m reminded of how small I am
and that nothing I do really matters when viewed from a greater cosmic perspective. Instead of
falling into despair about this I find it inspiring. This is why I and we must live and love and do
what we love. We are here in this time and place right now, so why not make it worthwhile.
Gazing far helps us to see close at the things that really matter. Imagined Space is a series of
works where I’ve let my mind wander beyond my vision to encounter these worlds far away
where thick clouds give birth to stars, black holes swallows everything in their way and where
numerous planets orbit around in a cold and dark space. All this makes me want to ask
fundamental questions of life. And maybe this makes you want to ask something too?
Why was I born?
What lies beyond me?
What is love?
What is loss?”
Imagined Space is a series of works where light art collides with the traditional practice of fine
art paintings. The series is a thematic continuum on the exhibition Images from Distant Worlds
(2016) , where a similar technique was used. By combining light and pigments the works make
use of two different kinds of colour mixing processes: additive mixing where coloured light
blends together into white and subtractive mixing where different pigments blends into new


More info: www.alexandersalvesen.com

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